Headpieces for your wedding day

Wedding veils have been the choice headpiece for brides all over the world for centuries. Brides started wearing veils as a symbol of modesty, privacy, youth and virginity. Today they are still used to compliment your wedding gown and for a decorative headpiece.

Veils can be worn alone or with an additional headpiece or tiara in front. Veils come in one, two and sometimes three-tiers (layers) with the uppermost layer occasionally being worn as a blusher over the face. Veils also come in many lengths including shoulder length, elbow, fingertip, knee, floor, chapel and cathedral. You may have the option to custom make your own veil with scattered accents such as rhinestones or sequins, and any style edges you choose.

Tiaras have become very popular in recent years. Most tiaras can be worn directly on top the head in a crown or headband style with tiny loops at ends to be able to pin to hair easily. Some also come with plastic or metal combs attached. Some popular tiaras today are made with rhinestones, pearls and authentic and faux crystals.

By Kristina

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