Tips for buying wedding veils

You’ve just purchased your wedding gown, and now your ready for your wedding veil. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to select your perfect wedding veil:

Your veil should reflect the same appearance as your wedding gown. In other words, it’s always best to stay with the same colors (i.e. white/white, ivory/ivory). There are some shades of white or ivory that can match other shades. In this case you may request for your bridal shop a small swatch sample of the color veil you have in mind.

Length is another challenging task to determine. There are no rules on veil length versus your gown style. Traditionally, more elaborate gowns generally call for a mid-back to cathedral length veils. Less formal gowns can get away with shorter veil styles, but can get away with even longer ones as well.

Veils can be purchased in your local bridal shop or online through many companies. Most veils come with a metal or plastic comb attached at the top that can easily be placed in the hair.

By Kristina

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